Chthonian Highways Playtest Kit Updated!

New version of the Alpha Playtest Kit (v. 0.4.2) is now available for download HERE!


The new version includes following changes:

  • Basic rules are revised to have streamlined and clearer presentation.
  • Stunts and Velocity are combined into one feature.
  • Edges and Handicaps are streamlined to work as simple bonus and penalty dice.
  • The basic dice mechanics are revised. Torque (20s) was added as a new feature.
  • Velocity and Madness are now connected game mechanics. There cannot be more Velocity points stored than (10 – Madness).
  • Trifles, Actions and Reactions are replaced by Actions only.  Characters have now two Actions per round and they are used for both actions and reactions.
  • The Rig Raid scenario has an updated map and some clarifications.
  • Character Traits were added for character creation. These are very simplified at the moment.
  • Driver’s special talent was tweaked a bit to counter Handicaps, but not give an Edge all the time.
  • Some changes and fixes to the Equipment section were made.
  • Grammar fixes and clarifications here and there.
  • Thousand separator in gallons to litres conversion note was changed from a comma to a dot.
  • Combat Stunts do not need Stunts, Velocity points, etc anymore.
  • Vehicle Critical Hit and Losing Control tables are revised.
  • Damage Edge changed to Damage Boost and Damage Handicap changed to Damage Reduction.
  • Masculine pronouns replaced with neutral they/their pronouns.

Other stuff:

  • Different map versions.
  • Updated character sheet.
  • Fixed vehicle sheet (“Wheel” changed to “Steering”)
  • Updated pregenerated characters.

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