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Hi, we have added a newsletter feature to our website and it’s now possible to subscribe to our newsletter. By subscribing, you will get updates of our new releases and important updates. We will not spam you. We don’t like spam either. You can subscribe to our newsletter from the… Continue reading

Chthonian Highways Playtest Kit Updated!

New version of the Alpha Playtest Kit (v. 0.4.2) is now available for download HERE! The new version includes following changes: Basic rules are revised to have streamlined and clearer presentation. Stunts and Velocity are combined into one feature. Edges and Handicaps are streamlined to work as simple bonus and penalty… Continue reading

Chthonian Highways Playtest Kit Available Now!

Chthonian Highways is a tabletop role-playing game set in a world where nightmarish creatures have ravaged the Earth and otherworldly landscapes have merged with ours. We recently released an alpha version of the game for open playtesting. Download the Playtest Kit The latest version is a is a playable prototype of… Continue reading

Follow Hyperstorm RPG on social media

We’ve set-up some communities and pages in the most common social media services, so it would be easier to follow and share information on the latest news about Hyperstorm RPG and stuff related to it. In addtion to the links below, we will share the most important news here as… Continue reading

Hyperstorm RPG Dev Diary is live

We set up a dev diary so everybody who’s interested can follow the development process almost from the start up. Go to and check out what is this all about. Remember to bookmark the site and drop by occasionally to check the latest stuff 😉 It’s almost 10 years since… Continue reading